Practicing Self Discipline

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When it comes to self discipline, I can now be completely honest and say I didn’t have much of it. Sure, I was disciplined with school, work…even with my artwork. But discipline is much different than self discipline, as it requires an introspective awareness and inner truth.

As I began my yoga and meditation practice my intention was to strengthen my body temple and find calmness in my chaotic mind. When I deepened both practices however, I realized that through self discipline was my chance to release the need of discipline altogether. A purest form of acceptance was felt in the core of my Being—the foundation that became clear in all future goals and aspirations. There was no need to control my mind, but condition and prepare it for a life of self discipline.

Once one’s mind can be disciplined, the body flows and follows suit.

In a more practical sense, self-discipline seems to be tied to how much one cares about what they’re doing and why. When there is a lack of interest in achieving self discipline, one can find it difficult to motivate oneself, for there cannot be any value in or a strong motivator present without it.

“The only discipline that lasts is self-discipline.” ~Bum Phillips

It’s time to reflect. Upon ending the day with a good night’s sleep, it is beneficial to the mind and heart to review and reflect. Was the ego triumphant in the day’s battle, or was it conquered by persistence and self discipline? If there are habits you find undesirable and wish to change, resolve to do so. When the thought of past failures return, one can embrace the lesson and leave the occurrence in the past where it belongs. Just as important as when one can reap the rewards of self discipline, it is divine to find appreciation in oneself.

Why do we want self discipline? It is crucial to ask oneself the pertinent question of “Why?” Not why one wants to have self-discipline but the underlying meaning of the desire. Does the inner wanting rely on what others believe, or can one see, with self reliance, the bright path of achievement ahead?

In the past I have read others’ views on self discipline being an illusion. While I partly agree with this statement I personally think self discipline is very important in one’s journey in attaining goals, and through compassion of oneself there is mindfulness in whatever practice there is. When one finds discipline with one’s own practice of detachment, there should not be a desire for more.

It’s your turn. How do you practice self discipline? Does it exist in your life? Please share your comments below.


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