I have never tried Scorpion pose so I’m really looking forward to seeing what this challenge brings. @Regrann from @cyogalab – Announcing July’s challenge #RoadToScorpion!: The first time I heard the words ‘Scorpion pose’ I had no idea what that was yet it sounded terrifying… I started to imagine scorpion bites, scorpions in the bottom of tequila bottles, you name it! When I saw someone touching their feet to their heads in Forearmstand (that’s the variant they were doing) I thought ‘pfffff, not in 100 years!!’. Later on I discover you could do it also on your hands or chin. For the longest time I refused to attempt any version because I thought my practice wasn’t ‘good enough’, then one day, not sure what triggered the sudden rush of confidence, I said ‘I’m going to try’ and I never looked back. It’s been a challenging road to say the least, but Scorpions (any variant) are definitely true to their name: defiant, aggressive, difficult… hence the more reason to consider them as the central theme to talk about for a month. We’ll work a lot on the Chin version because, to me, there’s few backbends that bring that kind of awareness and opening in the upper back (we’ll use props to make it more accessible!), and the rest of your #practice will benefit greatly. Especially if backbends don’t come easy or you’re a bit intimidated, I encourage you to join! You’ll see how a good sequence, warm up, proper alignment, breath and visualization can go a looong way, I promise!! I’ll give daily modifications but I also have the help of these 2 amazing yoginis: Aislinn @yogawithaislinn and Rachel @rachely.wang, that will provide with more alternatives. Take this road with us and let’s see where we get!!! Besides us, our friends at @livesankalpa will sponsor with some awesome gifts. Follow @cyogalab, repost this calendar, comment, tag, invite friends and get ready! We start July 1st!!

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