Carmen’s challenges have definitely ignited the spark of determination in both my #Vinyasa and #Ashtanga Yoga practices.
@Regrann from @cyogalab – Join us for our next challenge #SplitsAdventure!! Whether going into #Splits seems like an impossible task, or you feel super comfortable in them, these 28 days will help you deepen your knowledge, give you ideas, tips, alternatives and ways to approach this milestone, from more basic/beginner friendly ones, to funkier modifications to spice things up. I highly encourage you to join, especially if you can’t get all the way to the floor! The hamstrings are sturdy muscles but they also have tremendous range and strength, so the amount of asanas and variants you can do with them are gigantic! Approach this with a playful, opened mindset and you’ll get better results. Other elements, like the flexibility in the back thigh, a good hip rotation or more spinal extension, can help big time and we’ll address all those during almost a month. 28 days is not that long, yet it can plant the seeds to make your practice grow and flourish in ways you didn’t imagine… if your mind is hung on the idea of ‘you can’t’, I dare you join and prove it wrong!!! To participate just:
1️⃣ Follow @cyogalab
2️⃣ Post daily/frequently using #SplitsAdventure tag
3️⃣ Repost this calendar, tag friends, ask them to join (it’s easier to do it with someone!), comment, participate and let’s have a great time together.

Besides the daily explanation, tips and alternative, my girls and fabulous yoginis, @emma.rhiannon and @palomahuner, will provide you with MORE modifications to try! Some awesome gift packages await for the winners at the end. Jump and join in!!! We start June 1st!!!
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