This #yogachallenge really hits home, and looking forward to supporting others in their journey of healing. @Regrann from @omniyogagirl
Join us on this #crownawakening journey as we show support to people undergoing treatment, recovering from, or who have been touched in some way by #cancer. Our very own co-host @inspiremyyoga has her own #inspirational story to tell, being the longest #cancersurvivor of stage 4 bowel cancer followed by secondary liver cancer, and attributes her current health to the love and devotion of (and to) her family, but also to the strength and magical powers of yoga. If you need any more inspiration please join us and spread the word!
During this 14 day purple-themed #challenge, we will take you on a journey of asanas designed to focus awareness at each of our seven chakras, helping to cleanse, balance and open these important energy centres. Whether you want to explore how these postures affect your energy levels, or are just keen to raise awareness of our cause, we would love to share our love of yoga with you!
In case you were wondering – purple is the colour for #bowelcanceruk and is also associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity and magic 🙂
Generous sponsors for this challenge:
@yogamattershq @collectionandco @blossomyogawear @spiritualplanet @uspaah
To participate:
Repost this flyer and tag some friends to join our journey (make sure your profile is public so we can see you!)
Follow and tag all of the sponsors and your hosts @inspiremyyoga @kerrieyoga @yogameg.uk and @omniyogagirl on your daily posts.
We can’t wait to see your fabulous posts!
Our wheel spinning journey:

Day 1. Warrior 1

Day 2. Triangle

Day 3. Reverse triangle

Day 4. Cobra pose

Day 5. Supta virasana

Day 6. Handstand

Day 7. Headstand

Day 8. Plough in lotus

Day 9. Shoulderstand

Day 10. Wheel pose

Day 11. Twist it!

Day 12. Seated forward bend

Day 13. Vajrasana

Day 14. Mediation day
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