In #March I decided to #challenge myself with #backbends. Now it’s time for a good #hipopener! @Regrann from @yogayely – Let’s welcome spring practicing yoga together! Spring a time to grow and explore with #SpringIntoHips, from April 1st-10th (just 10 days!!) we will be practicing hip poses to help us increase our mobility, strength and flexibility in our hips and pelvis as we enjoy finding that beautiful balance. EVERYONE is welcome to join us, invite your friends and let’s have fun. ☉
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HOSTS posting ORDER:
Day 1: Pigeon Prep w/twist
Day 2: Toe Stand 4 figure
Day 3: Lizard
Day 4: Bound side angle | Bird of paradise
Day 5: Malasana
Day 6: Compass Pose
Day 7: Upavishta Konasana
Day 8: Hanumanasana
Day 9: Ardha Matsyendrasana
Day 10: Ardha Bdha Padottanasana .
#yoga #yogachallenge #hipstretch #hipopener

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